Peruvian coffee wins gold medal in Germany

00:04 | Lima, Apr. 6.

Peruvian coffee producing cooperative CASIL —based in San Ignacio, Andean Cajamarca region— has been awarded a gold medal for its quality by the German Coffee Roasters' Association, the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported.

The recognition came after Schramms-Kaffeerösterei —a leading coffee roaster in the German city of Speyer— offered Rosa Elvita coffee for sale.

Rosa Elvita is a Peruvian coffee that was directly purchased from Rosa Elvira Lloclla Quinde —a producer associated with CASIL cooperative and whose plantation is located in Bajo Ihuamaca town, San Ignacio province.

At the same time, a well-known roaster in Hamburg, Die Rösterie, introduced another Cajamarca coffee into said market. This one came from Santos Acha Rivera's plantation, also of CASIL.

The price of these roasted coffees exceeds €27 per kilogram, higher than the average price of other fine coffees, which cements Peru's position as a specialty coffee producing country.

PromPeru recalled the aforementioned roasters, as well as others in Germany and France, were part of a buyer mission organized by Peru's Trade Offices in both European countries, with the support of such tourism board.

The mission visited different cooperatives in San Martin, Amazonas, and Cajamarca regions —CASIL was one of them— to increase participants' awareness of the specialty coffees there and to encourage direct purchases from farmers. 

These visits enabled German roasters to verify the adequate utilization of lands, the post-harvest stage, and the drying process.


Published: 4/6/2018
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