Peru's President: My first commitment is to respect 2021 general elections

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

11:23 | Lima, Nov. 10.

The new President of the Republic Manuel Merino de Lama on Tuesday reaffirmed his first commitment to respecting the general elections scheduled for April 2021, in strict compliance with the established schedule.

"I reaffirm to the country that our first commitment is to ratify our democratic conviction and respect the ongoing electoral process that must be carried out in accordance with the schedule established by the competent bodies," he expressed during his inauguration speech at Congress headquarters in Lima.

"No one can change the date of the elections set for April 11, 2021," he said.

As he remarked, the electoral bodies must have the confidence that their independent work is guaranteed, and that they will be granted all the resources to fulfill their mission.

"We assume the duty to guarantee impartiality in the electoral process so that people make their decision within their freedom and elect the next authorities, in a democratic transition that must take place on July 28, 2021," he added.


Published: 11/10/2020