Peru's President: Government works to cover electricity demand with clean energy

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

17:16 | Chota (Cajamarca region), Nov. 20.

In his objective of generating sustainable development in every corner of the country, President Pedro Castillo inaugurated the first wind farm installed in the Peruvian highlands —specifically in Huambos district, Chota, his hometown province.

In his speech, the Head of State affirmed that his administration —through public-private partnerships— works to meet the country's electricity demand with clean energy which does not pollute the towns hosting these infrastructures.

"From Huambos, I call from on private companies to continue boosting the development of the country responsibly," Mr. Castillo expressed.

"When a service is set up, you have to respect workers, towns, families' mothers, ronderos (farming community patrollers), and the youth from those communities," he added.

In this sense, the top official specified that the wind farm entailed an investment of US$54 million and relies on an installed capacity of 36 megawatts, which will be inserted into the National Interconnected Electrical System (SEIN) for the benefit of all Peruvians.

The President explained that Huambos district allows the generation of this type of renewable energy thanks to the 3,000 hours of net wind in the area.

The construction works began in August 2019 and today —once completed— it generates enough energy to cover the annual demand of 250,000 inhabitants.

Likewise, the Head of State announced that —as part of the project— a 6 MW transformer was installed to supply electricity to the towns of Huambos, Querocoto, Querocotillo, and Cochabamba, which will benefit 38 rural areas hosting 15,000 residents.

The top official explained that this public work entailed an investment of S/24 million (about US$6 million).

"My administration is committed to the development of our brothers and sisters in the countryside. That is why we are boosting electrification in the country. We want an uninterrupted electricity service in order to provide sustainability to virtual health and education (services)," he emphasized.

In this sense, Mr. Castillo announced that his administration will invest S/355 million (about US$88.7 million) next year to deliver electricity to more than 1,000 towns in the country's interior regions.

Moreover, the President commented that political noise prevents the population from getting to know the efforts undertaken by the Executive Branch to reduce the social gaps existing in Peru during 200 years of republican life.


Published: 11/20/2021
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