Peru's President expresses indignation over vaccination of public officials

Photo: ANDINA/Captura TV

Photo: ANDINA/Captura TV

10:50 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti expressed his indignation and condemnation over the COVID-19 vaccination of public servants.

"I am outraged and furious about this situation. It really endangers the great efforts of Peruvians who work on the frontline. We have worked from day one to get the vaccines and ensure a number of doses. This is something I cannot understand. How is it possible that some public officials have not considered this?" he emphasized.

In addition, the statesman reported that an investigation commission will be formed to look into this case and, in a brief period —in one or two days— there will be absolute clarity over the public officials who received the vaccines.

"We have received a hard blow while making tireless efforts in the struggle (against the pandemic), and this is what we have inherited from the Government led by (Martin) Vizcarra," he emphasized.

The Peruvian leader affirmed that the clinical trial process in the country was fair and transparent, but —apparently— the problem may have come up after the donation of additional doses, which were later distributed.

"We will do something about it and take it to the last consequences," said the President, noting that the Executive Branch has been working hard during these months to ensure the necessary vaccine doses for all Peruvians.

Remarks were made on Sunday night during an interview with Cuarto Poder TV show.


Published: 2/15/2021
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