Peru's macroeconomic stability attracts infrastructure investment

10:21 | Lima, Oct. 31.

Peru's macroeconomic stability attracts foreign investments in infrastructure, Mexican company Construcciones Fycasa President Francisco Chozas has affirmed.

"The truth is that financial markets remain very interested in the Peruvian stability," Chozas told Andina news agency. 

Remarks were made after signing the concession contract under the Public-Private Partnership modality for the Waste Water Treatment System of Lake Titicaca Basin — PTAR Titicaca Project.

Construcciones Fycasa is part of Operadora Ecologica del Titicaca consortium, which was awarded the concession. 

This project involves an S/863 million (around US$257 million) investment and will directly benefit over 1.2 million residents from 10 towns in Peru's southern Puno region

In this sense, the officer projected the execution works will begin in May 2020. After three years, works should be completed. 


Likewise, he indicated that his interest in the Inca country is due to the opportunities it offers in sanitation infrastructure

"Peru is an excellent destination for investment, it has a very promising sector in water treatment," Chozas expressed. 

The Construcciones Fycasa President also underlined the stability of the Peruvian currency as a result of its macroeconomic policy

"So far, Peru remains an island of calmness when one observes what is happening in Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador," he added. 


Published: 10/31/2019
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