Peru's Health Min: No health worker will remain unvaccinated

Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

12:35 | Lima, Feb. 18.

No healthcare worker will remain unvaccinated thanks to the second batch of 700,000 COVID-9 vaccine doses, which Peru received a few days ago, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte reported on Thursday.

On the second day of immunization against COVID-19 —at Arzobispo Loayza Hospital in Lima— the minister asked health staff to stay calm since there is a clear immunization schedule that will be scrupulously followed.

"With these 700,000 doses that have arrived, no one will remain unvaccinated. I ask professionals and co-workers to have peace of mind. Everyone will be vaccinated in Lima and all other regions," he explained.
Ugarte ruled out the existence of a final registry of health workers and that this has been the cause of delay in the distribution and administration of the vaccine.

"The Observatory of Human Resources at the Ministry of Health (Minsa) —which is a technical body— has the list of staff members, which is updated along with the different institutions. The process has started in line with that," the high-ranking official explained.

"However, additional data have emerged, as they were not registered since there are independent professionals who had been registered before," he added.

According to the Minsa head, this is what caused the registry inaccuracy problem, which —he said— will be resolved in the coming days.

"We have the full nominal registry at national level. Therefore, no health worker will remain unvaccinated," he remarked.


Published: 2/18/2021
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