Peru: Health Ministry finalizes plans to start vaccination against COVID-19

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Health of Peru

10:53 | Lima, Jan. 16.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) is finalizing preparations to start —in the following weeks— the vaccination against COVID-19, the sector's head Pilar Mazzetti has reported.

Thanks to the first one million doses set to arrive in Peru this month, frontline personnel will be immunized against the pandemic, the minister explained.

According to the high-ranking official, the first 416,000 health workers —from the public and private sectors who will receive the Sinopharm vaccines— have already been identified.

Afterwards personnel from the National Police of Peru, Armed Forces, firefighters department, Red Cross, brigades, municipal police, cleaning and security staff, health students, and polling station members will be immunized.

"In total, 1,066,892 people will be vaccinated in the first phase," she expressed.

Various strategies

Furthermore, the minister said that "Peru considers various vaccination strategies," which will be implemented depending on each area's geographical and territorial characteristics.

In this sense, Dr. Mazzetti pointed out that the way, in which this process will be developed, has already been coordinated with authorities and those officials in charge of vaccinating people in each region.

Remarks were made during her virtual presentation before Congress' Health Commission.


Published: 1/16/2021
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