Peru's exports projected to reach US$66.5 billion in 2022



14:16 | Lima, Jul. 13.

Peruvian exports might total US$66.5 billion this year, achieving a new record result which will confirm that the effort being undertaken in this sector is correct, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Roberto Sanchez affirmed on Wednesday.

The Cabinet member said this projection is possible thanks to the accumulated growth of Peruvian shipments abroad between January and May 2022 (17.7% higher than the amount registered in the same period in 2021), as well as the upcoming start-up of Quellaveco copper mining project (Moquegua region) set for this half of the year.

"To this, the important performance of agro-exports can be added, which might reach a new mark in 2022, thus exceeding US$9.6 billion thanks to higher coffee prices, as well as the continuous increase in fruit production," Sanchez specified.

Trade policy

Over the years, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has developed a trade policy based on opening markets, as well as improving the competitiveness of exports.

This adds to President Pedro Castillo's commitment to the foreign trade sector —an important generator of jobs and economic development.

"Despite the difficult global situation, we will achieve significant exports growth this year. The price of copper, the main product in the Peruvian exports basket, has fallen over the last two months (May-June) due to lower expectations for world growth," Minister Sanchez explained.

"However, we have a series of products that will achieve significant performance," he added.

Moreover, the official affirmed that since the beginning of the current government administration (July 2021), series of actions have been worked on to boost the exports sector and facilitate trade —a series of measures to support the entire export chain, with a promotional arm thanks to Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru).

Besides, the Cabinet member noted it is essential to consolidate regional exports since these benefits must also reach out to small farmers and family farming members.

"In recent years, Peru has positioned itself as a leader in the export of agro-industrial products such as grapes, avocados, asparagus; fish products; high-quality textiles based on cotton and alpaca fibers; manufactures and others. This is an articulated work by the government thinking of all our compatriots," he concluded.


Published: 7/13/2022