Mining, agro-export sectors will boost Peruvian economy in 2022

Photo: Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru

Photo: Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru

14:19 | Lima, Jan. 13.

The current international context is favorable for mining and agro-export sectors, which are mainly developed in regions and contribute to the creation of jobs along with the recovery of the productive apparatus in Peru.

According to the initial projection by the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), the Peruvian economy is believed to grow around 3.4% this year, while mining and agro-export sectors are expected to be the two key engines that will consolidate the recovery of Peru's gross domestic product (GDP).

At present, the country's productive activity has already started to increase beyond pre-pandemic levels, considering that it may have ended 2021 at 13.2%, which suggests a significant dynamism of GDP for this year.

"The engines of the economy, such as mining and agro-industry, are mainly developed in the regions," the Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce, Production, Tourism, and Services (Perucamaras), Carlos Durand, told the Official Gazette El Peruano.

"We have a very favorable external front, which will demand products from large and medium-sized mining and agro-export firms, as well as from various small production units that sell (theirs goods) to the world," he stated.

Durand believes that social conflicts can affect the performance of some productive activities, especially mining.

"In 2021, the macroeconomic indicators showed positive figures, such as the increase in GDP of around 13%, considering the statistical rebound, as well as a record in exports," he said.

According to the BCR, metal mining is expected to grow 5.9% in 2022, taking into account that the sector may have grown 9.6% in 2021, due to an increased production of large and medium-sized activities, the entry into operation of Mina Justa (Ica region), and the expansion of the Toromocho project (Junin region).


Published: 1/13/2022
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