Peru’s customs to tightly monitor textile imports

10:22 | Lima, Sep. 07 (ANDINA).

Peru’s National Superintendent of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) has announced that it would strengthen monitoring and control actions to identify importers seeking to enter textiles and garments into the country at undervalued prices, hurting domestic industry and formal businesses. According to a statement issued by SUNAT, over the last three years, around 158 companies in the textile and clothing sector of the country did not declare the price of imports, resulting in a loss of more than US$ 9 million in unpaid taxes and fines, reported.
The Sunat has already conducted meetings with representatives of the Gammara clothing emporium to discuss solutions regarding the imports of clothing from Asian countries.
The agency has also initiated a campaign to tighten the control on imports of textile and garments in the country in coordination with the Ministry of Production.
The campaign would include careful examination of containers entering the country as well as analysis of textiles and garments for proper tariff classification.
The Peruvian Ministry of Production had recently announced that the Government would implement measures on the imports of Chinese garments to prevent undervaluation of goods.
Published: 9/7/2013
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