Peru's coffee wins major international award in U.S.

Café de Raúl Mamani del distrito de Putina Punco, en Puno, gana premio mundial al mejor café en EEUU.

01:17 | Seattle (US), Apr. 26.

Raul Mamani, coffee farmer from Peruvian Puno region's Putina Punco district, received an international award for best quality coffee at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017 in Seattle, Devida reported.

Mamani partnered with Sandia Valley Cooperatives Central (Cecovasa) and is the beneficiary of Putina Punco Agroforestry Project, financed by the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida).

As is known, Devida supports the growing of coffee, cacao, and pineapple to counter illegal coca-producing activities. Thus, said institution provided technical assistance and post-harvest modular equipment to improve beans quality.

In 2016, Mamani ranked second at the 12th National Quality Coffee Competition and was twice national champion (2013 and 2015), which proves his beans have not changed throughout the years.

It must be noted Cecovasa obtained two international awards for best quality coffee at SCA-2017 fair held at Seattle Convention Center, overtaking several world producers.

Thanks to the achievement, Cecovasa strengthens its position as Peru's top coffee grower. 

Devida praised Mamani for such an important prize, which proves the quality of coffee along Tambopata and Inambari valleys in Puno region.


Published: 4/26/2017