Peru: Use of WhatsApp, TikTok, YouTube increased during COVID-19 lockdown



14:32 | Lima, Feb. 27.

WhatsApp, TikTok, and YouTube were the most used apps in fixed networks during Peru's first mandatory social immobility week —from February 1-7—, the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) reported on Saturday.

In this sense, the use of WhatsApp rose 19.7% in fixed networks, while TikTok and YouTube grew 19.52% and 18.26%, respectively, compared to the previous week (January 25-31).

Mobile networks

Concerning mobile networks, Osiptel highlighted that YouTube had registered the highest growth rate among these apps, increasing 28.71% compared to the week before the second mandatory social immobility was in force.

Meanwhile, the use of Facebook and Instagram increased 26.03%, whereas that of TikTok grew 23.76%.

During the first week of February, the five apps that registered the highest use of data traffic in wired networks were YouTube (34.26%), Netflix (27.19%), Facebook (19.77%), WhatsApp (5.07%), and TikTok (3.94%).

In the case of mobile networks, Facebook and Instagram accumulated the highest percentage of total data traffic, reaching 45.47%.

YouTube is in second place (17.69%), followed by WhatsApp (10.13%), TikTok (4.43%), and Netflix (3.95%).


Published: 2/27/2021