Peru: Typical D-shaped Wari structure unveiled in Lambayeque region

10:51 | Chiclayo (Lambayeque region), Dec. 20.

A D-shaped ceremonial structure of the Wari Culture, which dates back to the Middle Horizon (A.D. 600-1000), has been unearthed at Huaca Santa Rosa complex in the northern province of Chiclayo.

As is known, the Wari Culture flourished in the heart of the Andes, currently known as Ayacucho region. 

The first report of Wari's presence in the country's northern coast was a discovery of fine ceramics at Mochica tombs.

This sparked a broad debate about the northern culture's collapse and settlement in Mochica territory.

Since September 24 this year, archaeologists at Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum —under the lead of Edgar Bracamonte and advised by researcher Walter Alva— have restarted research works at Santa Rosa archaeological site in Pucala district.

Proof of Middle Horizon tombs and structures was obtained a few days after the excavations started. This would be the prelude of one of the most surprising discoveries of the past years in Lambayeque.

Middle Horizon 2

New evidence requires an urgent rethinking of Peru's history and events at the Mochica period end in Sipan and Pampa Grande. 

Likewise, new findings highlight the need to consider the presence of Cajamarca and Wari cultures in the Lambayeque Valley.


Published: 12/20/2018