Peru: Trade surplus stood at US$4.991 billion in Jan-Sep 2018

12:38 | Lima, Nov. 9.

Peru's trade balance registered a US$4.991 billion surplus between January and September 2018, thus marking 27 months of continuous growth, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported.

According to the issuing entity, trade surplus reached US$463 billion in the ninth month of 2018. 

Additionally, Inca exports totaled US$36.288 billion between January and September, underpinned by traditional shipments (+10.2%), mainly from the mining, as well as petroleum and natural gas sectors

Likewise, non-traditional sales rose 15%, driven by the good performance of the farming and fishery spheres.

On the other hand, imports reached US$31.298 billion between January and September 2018, up 10.9% compared to the same period last year. 

Said outcome was boosted by higher purchases of inputs (+18.4%), and capital- (+4.6%), as well as consumer-goods (+4.7%). 


Published: 11/9/2018
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