Peru to assess eventual visa requirement for Venezuelan citizens

13:19 | Washington D.C. (U.S.), Jun. 5.

The Peruvian Government will assess an eventual visa requirement for Venezuelan citizens, Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio announced on Tuesday.

In statements to RPP radio and TV station, he said a meeting with Latin American migratory authorities will be held in the Peruvian capital on June 15 as part of a Lima Group's decision to discuss measures aimed at addressing the massive exodus of Venezuelans in the region.

"The humanitarian, political, and social crisis merits a regional response, due to its magnitude," the minister stated.

"We are going to assess the actions taken by countries hosting Venezuelans and discuss what measures can be taken to address the migration issue. Some have established quotas, others require visas. In the case of Peru, the topic is under consideration," he added.

As for the political crisis in Venezuela, Popolizio said he is promoting the passage of a draft resolution —at the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly— that supports the application of the Democratic Charter.

If passed, the OAS Permanent Council will convene an extraordinary general assembly with foreign affairs ministers to analyze the suspension of Venezuela from the multilateral regional organization.

"That is the heart of the matter concerning the resolution. We need 18 votes to pass it. We have them, and we're confident it will get approved. Then, we'll need 24 at the Extraordinary Assembly, so we must continue to build in the coming months," the diplomat commented.

Venezuela claims the request makes no sense since the Government of Nicolas Maduro requested its exit from OAS last year. However, Popolizio explained, quitting the body is one thing, but being suspended —citing a rupture of the democratic order— is another thing.


Published: 6/5/2018
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