Peru starts COVID-19 vaccination of healthcare workers

10:40 | Lima, Feb. 9.

Peru has started the COVID-19 vaccination process for healthcare workers on the frontline of the battle against this virus by immunizing a group of doctors at Arzobispo Loayza Hospital in the capital city Lima.

Emergency Unit Head Dr. Adrian Rodriguez, Dr. Mario Candiotti (an intensivist), and Martina Obando were the first frontline workers at said hospital to receive the vaccine.

The vaccination campaign also started at San Bartolome Hospital, where the healthcare staff awaited since early in the morning for the corresponding inoculation. The hospital's director, Carlos Santillan, was the first to get vaccinated at said health establishment.

These facilities include Dos de Mayo Hospital, Arzobispo Loayza Hospital, the National Maternal Perinatal Institute, San Bartolome Hospital, Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen Hospital, and Hipolito Unanue Hospital.

Moreover, the vaccines will serve to inoculate the health staff at Carlos Lanfranco La Hoz Hospital, Sergio Bernales Hospital, Santa Rosa Hospital, National Children's Health Institute (INSN), and Edgardo Rebagliati Martins Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Callao, some doses were taken to the headquarters of the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) and Sabogal Hospital. 


Published: 2/8/2021
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