Peru: Social food program to cover 1,431 Lima region public schools

LIMA, PERÚ - AGOSTO 10.La ministra de Desarrollo e Inclusión Social (MIDIS) Paola Bustamante supervisa el reinicio del servicio alimentario escolar Qali Warma. Foto: ANDINA/Norman Córdova

19:05 | Huacho (Lima region), Feb. 22.

State-run Qali Warma social program announced that the supplier selection process —to guarantee food distribution among 1,431 public schools in Lima region— has successfully concluded.

According to Hector Galiano Cerna, Qali Warma head for Lima provinces, the free food service will be provided to 90,888 children in Barranca, Cajatambo, Canta, Huarochiri, Huaral, Huaura, Oyon, and Yauyos.

Furthermore, he explained representatives of the Round Table for the Fight Against Poverty, as well as Regional Health and Education Departments, participated as observers in the process.

This year, Qali Warma will serve school breakfasts in provinces Huaura, Huaral, Barranca, Oyon, and Canta.

The social program will also provide school breakfasts and lunches at 80 educational centers in Cajatambo, Huarochiri, and Yauyos.

At regional level, Qali Warma will deliver a basket made up of 23 products, including rolled oats, milk, vegetable oil, rice, extruded cornmeal, sugar, noodles, quinoa- and kiwicha-cookies, as well as canned fish and chicken, among others.


Published: 2/22/2018
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