Peru protests against terrorists-linked groups' participation at IACHR meeting

16:24 | Lima, Mar. 15.

The Permanent Mission of Peru to the Organization of American States (OAS) has sent a note of protest to the IACHR Executive Secretary, expressing the Peruvian State's protest against the participation of three organizations linked to Shining Path terrorist group during its 171st Period of Sessions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The note of protest deplored that their speeches were not interrupted as soon as they identified themselves as exponents of the terror movement's ideology "Gonzalo Thought."

It must be noted the permanent mission identified Shining Path as a terrorist organization.

Likewise, it strongly rejected the fact that they have used such space to make a speech supporting terrorism.

Peru urged the IACHR to take the necessary measures to continue promoting spaces for open dialogue with civil society organizations and to ensure these spaces are not used to disseminate speeches that are contrary to social peace, democracy, and rule of law.

According to recent media reports, Movadef, Afadevig and Ratio Iuris —organizations linked to Shining Path terror group— participated in a working meeting between the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and civil society representatives during its 171st Period of Sessions held mid-February in Sucre, Bolivia.


Published: 3/15/2019