Peru Prosecutor: Parliamentary majority lawmakers are part of criminal organization

13:40 | Lima, Jun. 3.

Peruvian Prosecutor Sandra Castro has informed the Port's White Collars criminal organization has determined that some lawmakers from the parliamentary majority are part of the mafia network's power structure.

"Now we understand why ex-councilors (from the National Council of the Magistracy —CNM) are shielded so they cannot be investigated for being part of a criminal organization," Castro told Panorama TV show on Sunday night.

In this sense, she indicated the Prosecutor's Office has new information involving legislators from the parliamentary majority, who —according to her— supported ex-CNM members in order to solve the "illegal matters" and obtain benefits back then.

Likewise, the Prosecutor pointed out lawmakers were protecting themselves by preventing former Attorney General Pedro Chavarry or ex-CNM members from being investigated. 

Castro went on to add the probe has reached a point in which legislators can be included in the probe thanks to the information provided by collaborators or star witnesses. 

Within this framework, she clarified it is not only about Congress members' call records, but also events that can be proved. 

Furthermore, the Prosecutor stated the probe is well-advanced and will soon be sent to a Supreme Prosecutor's Office, as it involves legislators. 

Prosecutors Sandra Castro and Rocio Sanchez were initially investigating drug traffickers and —as they made progress in the investigation— they determined the link between criminals and the well-known magistrates from the Judiciary, Public Ministry, as well as the CNM. 

In Peru, the Public Ministry does not belong to the Executive Branch.

As is known, former CNM members were implicated in a series of audio recordings released by Panorama TV show and investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros in July 2018.

In the conversations, former judges offered and accepted unethical favors to and from the CNM members and other officials.

These corrupt actions were harshly criticized by most Peruvians, including President Martin Vizcarra.


Published: 6/3/2019
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