Peru President visits scientific expedition on Huascaran Mountain

18:13 | Huaraz (Ancash region), Jul. 9.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday reached snow-capped Huascaran Mountain (6,768 m) to join members of the scientific research expedition, led by the National Institute for Research on Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems —Inaigem (Peru) and scientists from Ohio State University (U.S.).

"As President, I am here to give them all strength and support, so the work can be successful (…)," the Head of State expressed after climbing the mountain. 

The team of scientists will spend a month drilling glacier ice on Huascaran until they reach the bedrock in order to collect up to 167 linear meters of ice and carry out a number of studies, which will enable them to assess the behavior of events such as El Niño Phenomenon and climate change over the last 20,000 years. 

In this sense, the top official recalled a similar effort was undertaken in 1993, adding that 26 years later, the results of the current research will be more important and complement the previous one, as science and technology have moved forward.

"I want to thank the transmission of knowledge to Peruvian scientists. It is very important, as we wish to carry out our own research in Peru," the statesman said. 

On her part, Orjeda underlined the scientific expedition hopes to find the possible cause of cultures extinction, temperature, biodiversity, bacteria evolution, and how climate change affects the evolution. 


Published: 7/9/2019
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