Peru President visits Cajamarca to lead Muni-Executive meeting

14:51 | Cajamarca (Cajamarca region), Feb. 5.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday arrived in Cajamarca region in order to lead a new Muni-Executive meeting between local, regional authorities and the central government.

Vizcarra will be joined by Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva as well as Cajamarca's regional governor and 13 provincial mayors in order to promote territorial dialogue and intergovernmental cooperation. 

The meeting is intended to identify and prioritize projects in the aforementioned jurisdictions. 

As part of his visit, the Head of State launched Malca bridge. The structure is meant to connect different populated areas in Cajabamba province and help Cajamarca products reach consumer markets. 

Likewise, he pledged to solve some of the problems affecting the province, such as water access for human consumption and agricultural purposes. 


Published: 2/5/2019
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