Peru: President suggests global agreement at UN ensuring universal access to vaccines

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

16:19 | New York (U.S.), Sep. 21.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Tuesday at the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) proposed the signing of a global agreement between Heads of State and owners of patents for vaccines against COVID-19, so that the population can access doses without any kind of discrimination or privileges.

During his address, the Head of State affirmed that Peru will be an active and dynamic member in the common task so that all countries can rely on inclusive, equitable, and non-discriminatory access to all diagnoses, therapies, medicines, and vaccines against the virus.

"On behalf of Peru, I want to propose the signing of a global agreement between Heads of State and patent owners to guarantee universal access to vaccines for all inhabitants, without discrimination or privileges, which would be a sign of our commitment to the health and lives of all peoples," he indicated.

Likewise, the top official stressed the need to give an essential priority to strengthening international scientific cooperation with the aim of fighting the pandemic worldwide.

The President stated that vaccines have opened up the way and faith for humanity to assume the conviction that this battle will be won by mankind. Yet he said the fight against the pandemic proved the inability of the international system to cooperate under the principles of solidarity and efficiency.

"We need agreements that ensure equity in access to vaccines and their administration. Multilateral cooperation is still largely absent in the fight against COVID-19," he indicated.

Furthermore, the President stressed that he has a great responsibility towards vulnerable populations, entrepreneurs, middle class, and all Peruvians without exclusions. Thus, his administration is committed to social inclusion, which eliminates inequalities and the unfair distribution of wealth so as to build a solid democratic society where freedom and civil rights are guaranteed by a democratic State.

"I reaffirm the vocation and the democratic affiliation of my Government and its commitment to social justice; the task is not only to consolidate the rule of law and the division of powers, but to make it effective in political life and in the exercise of rights of the population, day by day," he pointed out.

During his speech, Mr. Castillo said that —despite the ravages of the pandemic— Peru will go through a responsible and efficient management of its resources to continue expanding economic growth and ensuring income distribution.

Moreover, the Head of state deemed social transformation as necessary to allow all Peruvians to enjoy their economic and social rights, in addition to fundamental freedoms as well as civil and political rights.

"A transformation carried out at the home of each family, their rights to education, health, decent jobs, a living wage, social security, housing and access to an individual, economic and collective life, respectful of mother earth," he detailed.

In this sense, President Castillo added that he supports the initiative of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to shape a common agenda, which —in a post-pandemic world— establishes a new social contract.


Published: 9/21/2021
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