Peru President makes a plea for unity against crime

Mandatario asiste a la ceremonia de transferencia de mando de la Dirección General de la Policia Nacional. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

11:30 | Lima, Sep. 12.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski called on Peruvians to come together to fight crime and assured delinquency is being cornered step by step, intelligently and diligently.

"Standing together is key in the fight against crime. That involves the National Police, the Judiciary, the Prosecutor's Office, municipalities and, above all, those victims who can contribute to the cause," he indicated.

Working together —noted the Head of State— will help restore security across Peru.

He went on to say his administration has made substantial progress despite the difficult situation he found when he took office.

Crime is being cornered step by step, he said. Therefore, citizens will feel the situation is getting better.

"This process is slow but unstoppable," Mr. Kuczynski was quoted as saying at the inauguration of newly-appointed National Police Director General Richard Zubiate Talledo. 

"We believe in institutions, and this change proves we strike on that path without political distraction or influence peddling, looking ahead to our goal," he commented.

The Peruvian leader praised the National Police for the work they do in favor of the nation after he greeted outgoing Director General Vicente Romero and his replacement Richard Zubiate.

Peru's top official expressed 25 years have passed since the capture of Shining Path terror group leader Abimael Guzman, and noted the role of National Police Special Intelligence Group (GEIN) members in the operation.


Published: 9/12/2017