Peru: President Vizcarra's first week in office

11:44 | Lima, Mar. 30.

It has been one week since Martin Vizcarra took the oath of office and became the President of Peru. Here's an overview of everything he has done so far.

Mr. Vizcarra was officially named President of the Republic for the 2018-2021 term on March 23. He was given the presidential sash and delivered his first address to the nation that day.

After that, he visited the Government Palace for the first time as President.

His first public appearance was on March 25 while making an unannounced visit to Lima-based Children's Hospital in order to monitor the services provided.

A day later, on March 26, President Vizcarra visited Lima's Meliton Carvajal School to oversee the education program.

On March 27, the statesman headed to northern Piura region to assess the situation of those affected by Coastal El Niño weather event occurred last year.

On his way back, Vizcarra led a ceremony to enact a bill aimed at strengthening the Comptroller General's Office.

Later that day, he administered the oath of office to Edmer Trujillo Mori, making him the new Transport and Communications Minister. The ceremony took place in private at the Government Palace.

On Thursday, the Head of State held a conversation with Cesar Villanueva, the legislator who is expected to become the country's new Prime Minister."


Published: 3/30/2018
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