Peru President: Gov't keeps working hard and tirelessly to protect health of people

12:21 | Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios region), Jul. 12.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Sunday affirmed that his Government continues to work hard and tirelessly to protect the health of all Peruvians, adding that the economy will be reactivated and new outbreaks will be avoided if citizens act responsibly.

"We continue to work, we are assessing the health needs of the country without a break," the Head of State expressed.

The statesman said that there are enough diagnostic tests for COVID-19 in the country, as well as medicines to treat the disease.

He went on to thank Peruvians for responsibly complying with the health recommendations issued by the Government in order to contain the spread of the virus at this stage of the localized quarantine.

"We have to wear a face mask and maintain social distance of one meter from others when going out. If we act responsibly, we will manage to reactivate the economy gradually while avoiding a new outbreak. Who does it depend on? Everyone, because health comes first," he stated.

In addition, Mr. Vizcarra reported that medications to treat COVID-19 are reaching all corners of the country. In fact, he noted that some medicines such as ivermectin are being produced in several regions.

Remarks were made after participating in the setup of tomography services in the diagnostic and treatment aid unit at EsSalud I Victor Alfredo Lazo Peralta Hospital in Puerto Maldonado city. 

As part of his visit, he inspected construction works at Villa Essalud (EsSalud Village) in Madre de Dios region, where a temporary health facility will be erected to enhance the capacity of hospital services.


Published: 7/12/2020
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