Peru President: Govt approves decree to help stranded passengers after border closure

15:09 | Lima, Mar. 17.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday reported that an urgency decree was approved, which allows the entry and departure of international flights in order to transport stranded passengers, following the closure of Peruvian borders, which kicked off today at 00:00 hours (local time).

The Head of State explained that this measure will serve to assist the passengers, who are in Peru and need to travel to their countries of origin, as well as Peruvians who are abroad and need to return to their homeland.

The top official explained that those flights could be deemed as "humanitarian in nature," as they will benefit the passengers affected by the Supreme Decree, which mandated the state of emergency and included the suspension of international passenger transport by land, air, sea, and river. 

"In those cases, we are implementing the return and repatriation of Peruvians," he expressed.

Within this framework, the statesman informed that today the first flight from the United States arrived in Lima with Peruvian passengers affected by the emergency measure. The same aircraft will take back a group of people who were stranded in the South American country.

The Peruvian leader indicated that the Government will proceed in the same way and facilitate the arrival of a group of compatriots from Mexico.

"The norm is strict, but it has this little flexibility for exceptional cases. The border is closed, it will remain closed; thus, there will be no commercial flights," he emphasized.

Mr. Vizcarra stressed that —thanks to the will of authorities and the understanding of citizens— the inconveniences caused by the state of emergency are being corrected.

Remarks were made during a press conference held at the Government Palace in Lima. The President was joined by members of the Council of Ministers on the occasion.


Published: 3/17/2020
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