Peru President: Education sector's goal is also to train better citizens

11:18 | Lima, Dec. 12.

The goal of the education sector is not only to shape better students but also to train better citizens and recognize the diversity that exists in the country, with the purpose of starting to close gaps, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra has affirmed.

Likewise, the Head of State stressed the importance of undertaking efforts so that the regions —which somehow lag behind in the education field— are able to revert their situation.

Regarding the progress made by Peru in the PISA Test and the United Nations Human Development Index, the top official said the country is improving, but there is still a lot to do, and "we have to be aware that education is a broad topic. It's comprehensive."

"Education is much more (…). It means educating in values, in citizenship. The goal of education is not only to make better students; it is to make better citizens and recognize diversity. We have to start closing gaps," he expressed.

The statesman said that —thanks to the Pisa Test and human development indexes— "we see that we have improved because there are some regions of Peru that have improved, but others have not."

In this sense, the objective is to support the regions that are lagging behind and work with regional governments, mayors, and teachers in order to move forward.

"But if we do not have the support of parents, we cannot complete the objective that we set. The task is huge," he stated.

Remarks were made during the 2019 Magisterial Palms Recognition Ceremony held on Wednesday night in the capital city of Lima.


Published: 12/12/2019
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