Peru President: 2020 will become Year of Health Care Universalization

14:34 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jan. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday announced that 2020 will be called the "Year of Health Care Universalization" in order to prove this is one of the sectors that are being granted the greatest boost by the Government.

The Head of State participated in the announcement of the construction of a health center in Machu Picchu town, where he said the future infrastructure will serve not only people residing in this area, but also tourists who come to the archaeological zone.

"This year, we are focused on a concept that we have already defined through an urgency decree, which has the force of a law," he expressed.

"At a Council of Ministers (session), we have defined the denomination the public administration will carry for all purposes during the year 2020, which will be called the year of health care universalization in Peru; that is the effort all of us will make," he highlighted.

The top official said the boost to the health sector was not only shown in the Machu Picchu area, but recalled that —through a supreme decree— the management for the completion of Cusco's Antonio Lorena Hospital was declared of national interest.

"We demand better infrastructure and that health care reach out to all Peruvians. There are currently more than 4 million Peruvians who do not have any type of insurance, who do not rely on any health care services. That will change, and this year we have started the process for health care to reach out to all Peruvians," he underlined. 

In this sense, the statesman noted health care universalization will be a common task and effort, in which municipalities, as well as the national and regional governments will participate.


Published: 1/9/2020
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