Peru PM: Reforms are necessary for competitiveness

11:02 | Lima, Jan. 22.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva on Tuesday affirmed it is necessary to implement reforms aimed at boosting competitiveness in Peru and generating more investments intended for infrastructure and employment.

According to the high-ranking official, despite some problems in the national economy, it remained at a good level.

Plus, the government is expected to maintain it thanks to the generation of investments through the reconstruction of the Inca country's northern areas

As is known, northern Peru was hit by Coastal El Niño floods in 2017. Said weather event was characterized by heavy rains, landslides, and floods, which destroyed infrastructure and crops, thus leaving many citizens homeless.


Likewise, in the next days, President Martin Vizcarra will announce investments worth S/2 billion (US$600 million) and S/7 billion (US$2.102 billion) for the coming months. These projects will increase Peru's GDP and boost the economy. 

"Besides, we currently undertake efforts to attract more investments in diverse sectors, such as public investment (…)," the cabinet chief expressed. 

Furthermore, he indicated the fight against corruption will enable the investment of resources —that were directed to illegal acts in the past— into infrastructure, production, and other sectors. 

Viable country 

"We want to maintain and hand over a viable country on July 28, 2021. We are focused on that because Peru comes first," Prime Minister Villanueva told Radio Capital.


Published: 1/22/2019
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