Peru PM: Reform seeks to protect politics from corruption

12:54 | Lima, Jun. 11.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Tuesday affirmed the motivation behind the political reform is aimed at protecting the political activity from corruption and strengthening political parties in Peru.

Concerning the protection of the political activity, Del Solar indicated it includes the bills on passive suffrage, the impediments to run as candidates, parliamentary immunity, as well as improper funding. 

On the other hand, the initiatives to strengthen political parties are: registration and dissolution of political parties, internal democracy, and improper campaign funding. 

Parliamentary immunity 

In this sense, the high-ranking official recalled the Executive Branch has submitted a new proposal to amend the parliamentary immunity.

Political parties 

Regarding political parties, he explained the Executive Branch has suggested that two campaign-funding reports should be made in order to prevent illegal money from entering the races.

"This will guarantee greater peace of mind among citizens (…)," the Prime Minister expressed. 

Preferential vote and equality 

On the other hand, Del Solar pointed out the Executive Branch proposed the elimination of the preferential vote for electing Congress members.

"Through the elimination of the preferential vote, non-fraternal competition within the same political party will be prevented, and it will also prevent the entry of dirty money, as well as electoral confusion and the excess of invited people on party lists," he added. 

Furthermore, the official affirmed that equality and alternation on party lists will guarantee the participation of women in electoral processes. Thus, they will be able to "go as far as men do."

Remarks were made during Parliament's Constitution Commission session. 

On the occasion, he was joined by Justice and Human Rights Vicente Zeballos.

As is known, President Martin Vizcarra's administration intends to implement a reform to enhance the political-judicial system.


Published: 6/11/2019
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