Peru PM: 30 production activities resumed under economic reopening plan

16:22 | Lima, Jun. 8.

President of the Council of Ministers Vicente Zeballos on Monday affirmed that some 30 production activities have resumed in Peru under the economic reopening plan, adding that public investment will be a major engine of the economy.

Zeballos highlighted the prudent management of the Reactiva Peru Program to curb the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moreover, the Prime Minister recalled that 27 economic activities reopened in May and the number has now risen to 30.

"In a prudent way, we are talking about an economic reactivation plan to counter the impact of the pandemic. In May, 27 activities resumed in Phase 1 and, so far, some 30 have been resumed, not only in Lima but across the country," he told Exitosa radio station.

According to the Cabinet chief, public investment in the three levels of government (national, regional, and local) will be given a fresh impetus and the Contracting Law's legal framework will be revised in Phase 2 of the economic reopening plan.


Published: 6/8/2020
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