Peru: Over 25,500 ha of coca eradicated so far this year, annual goal exceeded

00:46 | Satipo (Junin region), Dec. 11.

Peru has exceeded its coca crop eradication goal for this year since more than 25,500 ha of illegal coca plantations have been eradicated so far, Interior Minister Carlos Moran has reported.

His remarks were made at the activities closing ceremony of the Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (CORAH) in Satipo.

"I want to greet police, soldiers, and CORAH workers who, with their work, sacrifice, and dedication have helped us reach the target and eradicate over 25,000 ha of illegal coca plantations. They deserve applause," he expressed.

Likewise, Moran thanked the cooperation of the Government of the United States —through the U.S. Embassy's International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Section (INL)— saying it is a strategic partner in the fight against drug trafficking.

The CORAH project —with the support of Peru's National Police— has managed to eradicate 25,526 ha of illegal coca plantations, and the target was 25,000 ha, according to the Annual Plan for Reduction of Illegal Coca Growing Area.

So far this year, stings have eradicated 15,008 plots of illegal coca plantations. 

Moreover, 7,358 square meters of seedlings and 12 drug laboratories have been destroyed.

For his part, United States Ambassador to Lima Krishna R. Urs said the U.S. is pleased to support Peru's national strategy in the fight against illicit drugs with the aim of facing the greatest challenges related to the cultivation of coca, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

Areas of intervention

Anti-drug operations have been conducted in following areas since February 16 to date:

Aguaytia and Pucallpa (Ucayali region) 
Ciudad Constitucion (Huanuco region)
Pebas, San Pedro, and Caballococha (Loreto region) 
San Gaban (Puno and Cusco regions)
Mazamari and Alto Anapari (Junin region)


Published: 12/10/2019
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