Peru: Minsa's campaign urges citizens to remain vigilant against coronavirus

11:08 | Lima, Aug. 1.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) is promoting the "Don't let your guard down, the virus is still with us" campaign to remind citizens that they must continue to comply with health guidelines in order to avoid new COVID-19 infections.

Minsa's head Pilar Mazzetti reminded them that everyone must be careful at this stage of the pandemic.

"We still cannot say that there is a fresh outbreak, but there is a small increase in cases. It may not be a significant number, but it is a small increase, and we all have to be very careful by protecting ourselves and our loved ones in order to continue to move freely, be able to go out, be able to work, and do what we want to do, but always sticking to the new form of coexistence," she stated.

In this sense, the campaign —shared via social media— highlights that special emphasis must be placed on social distancing and the appropriate use of face masks, which must cover the mouth and nose.

"Do not be overconfident, many people are asymptomatic. They are infected and do not know it. So, they could be carrying the virus, even though they have no symptoms. You might be one of them," the high-ranking official said in a video that seeks to raise the population's awareness.

Another important recommendation is to wash hands with soap and water regularly, especially after touching objects in public places (means of transport, malls).

As a general rule, crowds and indoor spaces with lots of people should be avoided.

Putting self-care first in order to deal with the new normalcy and, above all, to protect the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly and people with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) will be possible by complying with the health protocols.


Published: 8/1/2020
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