Peru: Minsa steps up efforts to deliver medicines home and prevent hospital congestion

12:30 | Lima, Jun. 1.

The Government on Monday launched —in Manzanilla neighborhood of downtown Lima— Tayta Operation, through which the most vulnerable people, such as adults aged over 60 and people with comorbidity problems, can undergo rapid tests and receive early treatment at home if they test positive, so as not to overload hospitals.

Tayta Operation (Territorial Aid Operation for Treatment and Isolation in Response to COVID-19) is a strategy designed by the multisectoral working group named "Te Cuido Peru" (I take care of you, Peru) and was launched this morning by Ministers Victor Zamora (Health), Walter Martos (Defense), and Lima Mayor Jorge Muñoz.

According to Zamora, the operation will start in Lima. Besides, the same initiative will be carried out Tuesday in Callao and will be soon extended to regions like Piura. 

"All the people diagnosed with COVID-19, and those able to receive the treatment, will do so at home. The aim is to avoid complications in patients and prevent them from reaching hospitals in serious conditions or when it's too late," he expressed.

The health sector's head presented the 30 rapid response teams of Diris Lima Centro, who go house-to-house —along the 9 blocks within the area surrounded by Grau, 28 de Julio and Aviacion avenues— to conduct COVID-19 diagnostic tests and deliver early treatment medications to those who were previously registered by the Municipality of Lima.

"Medicines such as paracetamol, azithromycin or hydroxychloroquine, recommended by the Group of Experts, as well as ivermectin, will be handed over to symptomatic and vulnerable patients. To do so, each itinerant team includes a doctor, who will use his/her judgment in recommending a combination of drugs," the Cabinet member explained.


Published: 6/1/2020
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