Peru: Mining investment total US$4.181 billion between Jan-Nov 2018

13:30 | Lima, Jan. 7.

Peru's mining investment amounted to US$4.181 billion, thus increasing 25.4% between January and November 2018 over the similar period the previous year, the Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) has informed.

"The mining (sector) stood firm as an engine for economic development in our country throughout last year," it expressed. 

Likewise, MEM indicated the accumulated investment in said period of 2018 registered a 6.4% expansion compared to the total posted in the entire 2017. 

Investment by spheres 

Furthermore, mining investments in the Beneficiation Plant sector —where minerals are processed— reached US$107 million in November, and US$1.215 billion in the 11-month period. 

It was followed by investments in Infrastructure, which totaled US$944 million. 

On the other hand, investment in Development and Preparation amounted to US$642 million between January and November 2018, thus increasing 55.9% compared to the same period the previous year. 

Moreover, investments reached US$528 million in Mining Equipment, US$361 million in Exploration, and US$492 million in other spheres. 

Contribution to regions 

MEM's Statistical Mining Bulleting also indicated transfers from mining activities to regional and local governments totaled S/4.803 billion (about US$1.438 billion) between January and November 2018, thus expanding above 45% compared to the whole amount for 2017. 


Published: 1/7/2019
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