Peru: Mining activity created over 203,000 jobs in March 2019

12:23 | Lima, May. 8.

Mining activity in Peru generated a total of 203,799 jobs in March 2019, thus registering a 6.2% year-on-year increase compared to the same month in 2018 and a 2.2% rise compared to February 2019, the Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) informed Wednesday.

According to MEM, the average employment created by the mining activity so far this year amounted to 201,796 posts. This figure is higher than the average recorded in 2018 (201,547). 

Likewise, depending on the type of employer, mining companies hired 66,569 people, who represented 32.7% of total workers in the sector. 

Meanwhile, contracting firms employed 137,230 workers, which represented 67.3% of the total. 


Arequipa, Junin, La Libertad, and Lima regions lead the regional employment ranking in the mining sector in March 2019. 

Arequipa region holds the first position with 30,812 workers (15.12% of the total), followed by Junin region (20,202; 9.91%), La Libertad (16,208; 7.95%), and Lima (15,763; 7.73%). 


Published: 5/8/2019
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