Peru macroeconomic strength attracts European investments

Road Show inPerú Europa 2016.

Road Show inPerú Europa 2016.

12:04 | Madrid (Spain), Oct. 30.

Peru's attractiveness for foreign investment lies in its macroeconomic strength and opportunities in various sectors, President of Government-supported nonprofit inPERU Francis Stenning underlined on Monday.

Stenning is part of the business delegation touring Madrid and London thru November 2 to attract international capitals as part of the 13th inPERU Road Show – Europe.

"Peru has definitely been the most prominent success in the region in the past 10 years. We have a history of successfully coping with adverse situations," Stenning said.

In this sense, he highlighted inPERU's role in promoting the Inca country's investment attractiveness and stressed Peru's progress in macroeconomic efforts, fight against poverty, opening to trade, and trade agreements.

Foreign Contribution

In this context, Stenning explained inPERU is on the hunt for foreign investment to supplement the efforts of national capitals. 

"We need an investment supplement, not only as financial resources, but also in the form of know-how that truly contributes to greater productivity and competitiveness for Peru," he pointed out.

In this respect, the inPERU head underscored the role of Spain and the United Kingdom in Peruvian economy.

"Spain and the United Kingdom have always been major centers for us; they are our main investment partners. The statistics show both countries make up 45% of the country's foreign direct investment [FDI] stock."

Stenning also noted the tour comes at the right time, given Peru's positive economic indicators in terms of GDP, private investment and business expectations.

"What do we expect from these trips? We expect to showcase Peru and generate discussion with potential investments, so that they participate in future projects in the country," the executive added.

The 13th inPeru Road Show delegation is composed of over 50 members, including State Ministers Bruno Giuffra (Transport and Communications), Cayetana Aljovin (Energy and Mines), as well as Central Reserve Bank (BCR) Governor Julio Velarde. 


inPERU is a Peruvian nonprofit association supported by the Peruvian government and founded by the main business organizations of the national market.  

The association seeks to promote investment opportunities in the country and contribute to the development of Peruvian capital and financial markets.  

Government bodies endorsing inPERU include the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Foreign Affairs, as well as Foreign Trade and Tourism.

Central Reserve Bank (BCR), Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Funds Administrators, Superintendence of Securities Market and the Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversion) also support the association. 


Published: 10/30/2017