Peru: Machu Picchu Town to convert organic waste into fertilizer

13:19 | Cusco (Cusco region), Mar. 13.

Machu Picchu Town will put into operation the first pyrolysis machine that converts organic waste into fertilizer for agricultural purposes in order to reduce pollution in the district hosting the Inca Citadel.

The Environmental Administration Deputy Manager Miguel Atausupa confirmed the device has already arrived in Machu Picchu. In addition, over six tons of trash will be turned into neutral carbon starting April this year. 

According to the official, this machine was donated thanks to arrangements and coordination undertaken with groups Inka Terra and La Calera, which are aimed at reducing the quantity of solid and organic waste that reaches between 12 and 14 tons daily. 

Around 5,000 people reside in Machu Picchu Town, and over 7,000 tourists visit the Inca Citadel every day. Thus, restaurants, hotels, fast-food establishments, and houses are the main producers of trash. 

Within this framework, the beneficiaries will be farmers from rural communities. Furthermore, the second goal is to invigorate crops. 

There was also an initiative to transform dirty oils into diesel and glycerin. 

The works have started with plastics processing efforts, though.


Published: 3/13/2019
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