Peru looks to lure more Chinese visitors

10:42 | Beijing (China), Jun. 17.

Peru launched an ambitious strategy to substantially boost the number of Chinese visitors to the country, extend their stay, and increase their daily expenditure, Peru's Economic and Commercial Counsellor in Beijing Diana Pita announced.

"The idea is to enhance Peru's position among tourists with medium and high purchasing power. Chinese citizens who have been to the United States and Europe seek new experiences. Our country offers that," she told El Peruano official gazette.

The entry of Chinese tourists into Peru is characterized by a constant growth. In 2017, 31,408 Chinese visited the Andean country, whereas 25,648 were received in 2016 and 19,243 in 2015, according to the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru).


Though Chinese arrivals are growing, Peru has the challenge to double —in the short term— the number of visits and extend vacationers' stay, taking into account they are the largest tourist group and the highest spenders, she explained.

Nowadays, Chinese opt for a four- to five-day stay and spend about US$2,000 a day. 

"If the stay of these visitors is extended, (tourism-generated) revenue in Peru will increase considerably," she noted.

The Asian giant is hailed as the fastest growing market in the world. Some 130 million Chinese traveled abroad in 2017, spending US$115 billion, according to a report jointly released by Ctrip and China Tourism Academy.

Peru saw this boom as an opportunity, which explains the implementation of strategies to draw more tourists from that nation, despite the great geographical distance.

For instance, PromPeru launched a new website —exclusively developed for China— with the purpose of expanding its digital marketing strategy across the Asian country. 

The content of said internet site ( is essentially aimed at meeting Chinese tourists' demands and preferences.

Over recent years, the Inca nation has taken great interest in becoming South America's top destination for Chinese visitors.

To this end, PromPeru has implemented measures such as the creation of an e-learning tool for WeChat, China's leading instant messaging app.

This initiative enables Chinese travel agencies to learn more about the Inca country's tourist destinations.

The new digital platform provides information regarding amazing tourist spots in Peru —besides Machu Picchu— as well as a wide range of cultural and adventure activities.

The website also displays attractions, including cruises exploring the Peruvian Amazon, museums and architectural complexes recognized by UNESCO, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned Peruvian gastronomy.

It is worth mentioning Chinese citizens —who hold valid visas to the United States, Canada, England, Australia or the European Union— can also enter Peruvian territory for a maximum period of 180 days.


Published: 6/17/2018
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