Peru, largest gold-producing country in LatAm

00:00 | Lima, Feb. 7.

Peru is the largest gold-producing nation in Latin America and the sixth in the world, yielding 151 tons in 2017, private-run National Society of Mining, Oil, and Energy (SNMPE) informed.

According to SNMPE, La Libertad and Cajamarca regions accounted for 50% of the country's gold output, totaling 43 tons and 33 tons, respectively.

Arequipa (20 tons) and Ayacucho (12 tons) also stood out as leading gold producers in 2017.

Additionally, Peru's gold production reached 304 tons in the 2016-2017 period (two years).  


On the other hand, national silver output amounted to 4,304 tons last year.

Ancash tops the list as the largest producing region with 802 tons, followed by Lima (794 tons), and Junin (781 tons).

Together, they made up 55% of Peru's total silver production.

The Inca country is the second largest producer of silver in Latin America and in the world, with an accumulated production of 8,679 tons in the 2016-2017 period.

It must be noted the current situation of gold and silver mining —both at national and international levels— will be addressed at the 13th International Gold & Silver Symposium.

The event will take place May 29-31 in Lima.


Published: 2/7/2018