Peru: Kuelap archaeological site reopened after forest fire

13:31 | Chachapoyas (Amazonas region), Aug. 8.

Peru's Culture Ministry announced the reopening of the Monumental Archaeological Zone of Kuelap after a unified fire brigade extinguished the forest fire that had broken out in Tingo —a district in the rainforest region of Amazonas— near the famed site.

The last flames were finally doused after four days of arduous firefighting and thanks to combined efforts of the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci), the Peruvian General Volunteer Firefighters Department (CGBVP), the Peruvian Army, the National Police (PNP), and the Municipality of Tingo.

The Decentralized Culture Directorate based in Amazonas confirmed that the archaeological complex was not affected at all.

Therefore, domestic and foreign tourists can visit the area safely once again.

Finally, because the fire was started by burning fields, the Ministry of Culture will launch an awareness-raising campaign in the area to address the consequences of this practice.

The initiative is being developed in partnership with the Regional Government of Amazonas and local municipalities.

Temporary closure

Peru announced the temporary closure of the Monumental Archaeological Zone of Kuelap on Tuesday after a forest fire erupted near the ancient ruins.

The measure was necessary as the fire was burning close to the pre-Incan archaeological complex due to the wind and weather conditions reported in previous hours.


Published: 8/8/2019