Peru: Judge Arias Quispe replaces Concepcion Carhuancho in Keiko Fujimori case

11:33 | Lima, Jan. 18.

Peruvian Judge Elizabeth Arias Quispe will replace Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho in the investigations into contributions made to Keiko Fujimori's campaign.

She was selected among the magistrates from Preparatory Investigation Courts. 

Thus, Judge Arias Quispe will be in charge of resolving the requests submitted by Lava Jato Case Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, as well as those filed by the people under probe for alleged money laundering offenses

In 2017, Arias Quispe accepted a request submitted by Keiko Fujimori and her husband's defense to prevent the law of organized crime from being applied to the cocktails case, which involves the couple. Therefore, the preliminary inquiry was extended to 36 months. 

The magistrate also ordered Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez to end the investigation within 10 days. Said measure was appealed and declared invalid. 

In 2018, Judge Arias Quisque rejected a request filed by the Prosecutor's Office to order preventive detention against Callao ex-Regional Governor Felix Moreno, who was under probe for allegedly having received bribes from Odebrecht

It should be noted Moreno was sentenced last Thursday to five years in prison for another case also involving wrongdoings. 


Published: 1/18/2019
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