Peru intends to build technology, innovation alliance with Israel

Tecnología creada por científico Rodrigo Casas permite ahorrar 40% de combustibles y conserva el ambiente.

16:02 | Lima, Aug. 6.

Peru's Production Minister Bruno Giuffra, Israeli Ambassador to Lima Ehud M. Eitam and Business Attaché Ariela Rada held a meeting to assess the idea of shaping a bi-national team to develop and boost technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At the meeting, Giuffra presented two major goals set for his time in office: intensive use of technology based on innovation and elimination of bureaucratic barriers towards the country's entrepreneurial development.

To this end, the Ministry seeks to promote strategic alliances with the world's leading countries in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology fields.

Israeli diplomats expressed interest and willingness to continue working with Peru on these matters. The initiative aims to expand every potential opportunity linked to said sectors.

Moreover, officials addressed the creation of missions in charge of learning about Israeli tech ecosystem. As is known, the Middle Eastern country is considered one of the world's greatest hi-tech scenes.


Published: 8/6/2016
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