Peru: Indigenous peoples to ensure Summit of the Americas' success

El titular del Consejo de Ministros, César Villanueva, participó en un ritual de pago a la tierra. Foto: ANDINA/ Jhony Laurente

16:40 | Lima, Apr. 10.

Indigenous peoples' presence will contribute to the success of the 8th Summit of the Americas taking place in Lima on April 13-14, Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva underlined Tuesday.

"Your presence at this meeting, as well as at the summit has an extraordinary meaning," Villanueva noted at the opening ceremony of the Indigenous Peoples Forum held in Lima.

"It is the success of the summit, which aims at developing the message of Democratic Governance and Fight against Corruption," he added. 

According to the cabinet head, democracy is not possible without having the visible and active presence of all the indigenous peoples from the Americas.

"For us —a diverse country with various cultures and bloods— it's undoubtedly the most important presence. Your participation will contribute to the success of the summit," the government official pointed out.

"There can be no democracy if all of us do not participate," he added.

Villanueva also noted this high-level event will serve to shape a more humane Americas, which relies on indigenous roots.

Plus, he expressed confidence this meeting will "go beyond words and become policy."

Lastly, he highlighted President Martin Vizcarra's administration values this forum in a special way.

The event saw the presence of Ministers Patricia Balbuena (Culture) and Liliana La Rosa (Development and Social Inclusion).


Published: 4/10/2018