Peru: Indicators show better economic performance in June 2019

11:44 | Lima, Jul. 13.

The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has affirmed that leading indicators project Peruvian economy would have had a better performance in June 2019, after the weak results registered in April and May, due to a decrease in primary GDP.

"In June, the indicators show a better performance and point towards a recovery," BCR Economic Studies Central Manager Adrian Armas expressed. 

According to this data, the General Government's investment increased 20.1%, and electricity production rose 3.6%. 

Likewise, domestic cement consumption is forecast to have expanded 8.8%. 

On the other hand, the official informed primary economic activity's indicators posted negative performances, as a result of transitory supply shocks. 

However, he pointed out the non-primary activity registered signs of moderate dynamism. 

Last week, BCR Governor Julio Velarde stated that —while Peruvian economy rose 2.28% in the first quarter— it may have increased around 2% in the second quarter.

He went on to add it might rise 4.9% and 4.5% in the third and fourth quarters, respectively. 


Published: 7/13/2019