Peru: US$560 million investment linked to over 60 exploration projects

12:14 | Lima, May. 24.

Energy and Mines Minister Francisco Ismodes has affirmed Peru remains one of the world's main destinations for investments in mining exploration, adding the Government estimates some 60 projects —worth over US$560 million— will have been executed by 2021.

"We have been working, so more exploration companies feel encouraged to come and invest in Peru. This is the only way we can truly know the great geological potential that we have yet to discover," the high-ranking official expressed. 

Likewise, he indicated that —according to the World Exploration Trends 2018 Report— the Inca country is still in the world's Top 5 of the nations attracting higher mining exploration investments, as it received 6.4% of the global budget. 

Concerning Latin America, Peru ranks first thanks to the over US$609 million granted by explorers during 2018. 

"In the first quarter of 2019, we received US$68 million in exploration investments. And so far this year, we have received 24 approval requests (...) for new exploration initiatives, which have been approved or are in the assessment process," Ismodes stated.

Furthermore, he assured that the Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) is "focused on promoting the arrival of new sustainable investments." For that reason, the Mining Promotion and Sustainability Directorate was created last year. 

"The task we have ahead is to regain the population's trust and reduce the fears that on many occasions generate social conflicts," the MEM representative said. 

Lastly, the cabinet member noted one of the most urgent challenges for his portfolio is to improve the legal framework in order to have a more attractive and predictable sector for investors. 

Remarks were made during the closing ceremony of the 11th International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers ProExplo 2019 recently held in Lima.


Published: 5/24/2019
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