Peru: Gov't reaffirms commitment to protecting health and fighting COVID-19 pandemic

20:24 | Lima, Oct. 17.

Health Minister Hernando Cevallos on Sunday reaffirmed the Government's commitment to protecting people's health, noting that in addition to continue arranging massive vaccination efforts, it will strengthen the work of community kitchens for a sustained fight against anemia and other types of illnesses.

"The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reaffirms its commitment to not only continue supporting the work of community kitchens, which are an example of decency and dignity, but also to strengthen it," the minister said.

"We are struggling to make vaccination more and more massive because we know this is the most important guarantee for preventing death during this pandemic," he added.

Cevallos' remarks were delivered during a meeting with representatives of the Network of Community Kitchens in Lima.

According to the government official, progress is being made in the health sector, but it is not enough. Therefore, it will coordinate with various government ministries to achieve a comprehensive strategy to protect health, education, and food. 

"Our sector is working with you —who represent community kitchens— not only on the COVID-19 vaccine but also on vaccines to protect our children and elderly people against influenza and other illnesses that we have to overcome," he remarked.

The high-ranking official recognized the efforts of all women and men who organize themselves to combat hunger in the country, for being an example of resistance and not letting difficulties overcome them, mainly in this context of pandemic.

"We reaffirm our commitment to continue to provide you with technical support to not only combat hunger but also to improve the quality of food, which sometimes condemns our children to anemia and malnutrition," he stated.


Published: 10/17/2021
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