Peru: Govt passes bill to strengthen transparency and prevent corruption

00:01 | Lima, Jun. 10.

The Council of Ministers has approved a bill that creates the National Authority for Transparency, Access to Public Information, and Personal Data Protection, Minister of Justice and Human Rights Eduardo Vega has reported.

"This was an offer and a task that the Executive Branch committed to before Congress, and it is intended to strengthen institutionalization of transparency and access to information and, therefore, prevention of corruption in the country," the minister pointed out.

Vega explained that this national authority will be the governing body in terms of transparency, access to public information, and personal data protection.

"Likewise, it will be the technical-regulatory authority at the national level responsible for issuing rules and establishing procedures to improve transparency levels in the country," he said.

Basically, this rule contains three important elements, Vega added. "In the first place, it integrates and consolidates the existing institutionalization to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of transparency and access to public information in the country."

In this regard, he noted that "many entities fail to provide information to citizens, and we are precisely trying to bring greater efficiency with this rule."

"Secondly, the aim is to make the sanctions regime more effective for those who fail to comply with the Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information," the government official stated.

Third, he clarified that another goal is to avert the abuse of the right and specify some exceptions to the delivery of information. 

His remarks were made at a press conference along with Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez and Health Minister Oscar Ugarte.


Published: 6/10/2021
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