Peru: Gov't declares state of emergency in Trujillo and Pataz to combat crime

Photo: Presidency of the Council of MInisters (PCM)

Photo: Presidency of the Council of MInisters (PCM)

17:17 | Lima, Feb. 12.

The Government of Peru has declared a state of emergency in the provinces of Trujillo and Pataz, located in La Libertad region, for 60 days, to confront the growing wave of violence linked to illegal mining, Prime Minister Alberto Otarola announced on Monday afternoon.

At a press conference, the Cabinet chief explained that, in the case of Trujillo the Peruvian National Police (PNP) will be in charge of maintaining control of internal order, with the support of the Armed Forces.

In Pataz, he said, the Armed Forces will be in charge of maintaining control of internal order.

Otarola affirmed that this decision was made after several meetings with authorities from La Libertad and following an operational report by the Interior Ministry and specialized organizations.

"More than 30,000 crimes were reported in Trujillo last year, 11,000 thefts in the province of Trujillo. In 2024, an average of one death per day is reported. A series of gangs and criminal organizations are harming the densest and most populated areas in Trujillo, La Esperanza, El Porvenir, and Florencia de Mora," he expressed.

According to the high-ranking official, the measure covers all districts in the province of Trujillo, so that the National Police can act energetically against crime, with the support of the Armed Forces, as well as regional and local authorities.

State of emergency in Pataz

Otarola also commented that the blowing up of seven high voltage towers, attacks with dynamite, and the uncontrolled growth of illegal mining, with around 20 criminal gangs operating around the trade of gold, have shocked Pataz.

"Pataz is the worst expression of citizen insecurity: extortion, labor exploitation, sexual exploitation, procuring, arms trafficking, chemical inputs, that is why it was decided that the Armed Forces should be immediately in charge of maintaining control of internal order for 60 days," he noted.

The Prime Minister stated that they (the Armed Forces) will carry out this task ensuring scrupulous respect for fundamental rights, international humanitarian law, and the rules of the use of force.


Published: 2/12/2024