Peru: Gold exports totaled US$7.979 bn in 2017

09:40 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Peru's gold exports amounted to US$7.979 billion at year-end 2017, an 8% increase compared to 2016 (US$7.386 billion), private-run National Society of Mining, Oil, and Energy (SNMPE) informed.

The guild said mining exports totaled US$27.159 billion last year, accounting for about 60% of Peru's total shipments (US$44.918 billion). 

Gold shipments made up 29% of the country's mining sales to international markets in the January-December period. 

Likewise, they constituted 18% of Peru's total exports to the world in 2017, reaching US$44.918 billion.

"This way, gold became the second most exported product in the country," SNMPE underlined.


Published: 2/15/2018